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Paddle Party

Game info
  • Model: ELK1302
  • This is the second Intellivision game by Dave Akers who is best known for the arcade smash hit Klax! Buy now should go to Classic Game Publishers .....Game will be ready for sale on November 11th



Relive the late 1970s when TV Tennis was king! Play the computer in five different paddle themed games, or invite a friend over to your 'Rec room' for some head to head TV Tennis competition! If you don't have a 'Rec room', don't worry! Paddle Party's Air Hockey table recreates this fast paced game! Once you've had enough Air Hockey, get in your virtual bumper cars for a wild game of Handball Smash! And, finally blast off into space in your TV Tennis space ship for some competition...or, is that co-operation? Don't hit the meteors during your match or it is GAME OVER! You've never played a video game like this before!







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